We’ve been entertaining people since 2008, founded by Ohio-native Byron Gunter while overseas in the Middle East!  He was supposed to be teaching elementary school, but party music happened instead.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Our Staff

So far we’re ten pro DJs, a myriad of roadies and future rockstars, a planner & coordinator, along with a handful of photo booth attendants and AV staff.  People seem to think we’re the best of the best in Central Ohio; and we not so humbly agree!

As a company, Buckeye Entertainment has done over 5000 weddings in Central Ohio–chances are you’ve seen us somewhere!  On average we’re at 400 or so weddings a year in the Columbus area; in fact, the vast majority of the weddings we do are direct referrals from past couples, other vendors and venues!


This is the gold star right here.  Not to say the other stuff we do isn’t great, but this is where we started.  This is what we’re known for.  When it comes to our DJs, they really get run through the ringer.  All of us started out as a gear monkey hauling crap around for seasoned DJs at Buckeye.  Gear monkey to message gopher to maybe I’ll play your suggestion if it’s a good one and finally, thirty-ish gigs later, we get to be real wedding DJs.  But only if Byron thinks we can hack it.  Um, great?  That’s…cool…you say?  It means that all of our DJs have seen pretty much everything before they get to go out on their own.  It means we trust them to rock your event, from beginning to end.  It means we’re more than just a single guy doing weddings on the weekends for beer money–most of our staff DJ weddings as a full-time job.


You don’t get a do-over at weddings. So unlike *a lot* of other operations out there, we don’t hire a random 18 year old to fill a date we booked or that not-creepy-at-all guy who’s been “DJing” at the frat house a few too many years after graduation.  We’re not going to hit you with the bait and switch.  You’ll meet with your DJ at the consultation before you sign a contract (which is something most other companies don’t do, btw) and that’s who’s going to be showing up at your wedding.  Unless they’re hit by a bus, or something.  And in which case that sucks for the DJ but awesome for you because you now get Byron, the owner, as your DJ (since “retiring” he’s now our backup guy).  With us, you get who you hired.  Period. (Unless, of course, the bus thing happens).  We’re serious about the quality of service we offer.  Don’t believe us?  Check out any of our reviews, they speak for themselves!


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