There aren’t enough words to express our joy with Buckeye Entertainment!! From day one (our first meeting) we were treated like family. We had Mike and boy was he amazing! Very professional, nice and down right talented! We had multiple people comment on how great the music was! Everything was right on cue and everyone was dancing even my grandma who can hardly stand! Our wedding day was a dream because of him and Buckeye Entertainment!!

Morgan S

Wedding at The Bluestone

How did Mike start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

Mike has been involved with music in one way or another since the age of 7 when his parents took him to a Pink Floyd concert. After years of playing the drums in his own band, Mike’s attentions turned towards the blossoming electronic music scene of the 2000’s. There he saw, time and again, the ability of a good DJ to not just be the background to someone’s good time, but to actually create it; to feel it out, react to it, and keep it going for hours at a time. It was inspiring to him. So he bought his own set of decks and began honing his skills behind the headphones – mixing songs, creating playlists. From there he went on to DJ at house parties and special events just for fun, even having a chance to DJ his own brother’s wedding. From the moment he faded out of a love song and into “The Time Warp” with the whole crowd rushing to the dance floor to join in the fun, he knew he was hooked. So a professional wedding DJ he became!

 Now while not every wedding is going to want the same music, every wedding is going to want someone to make sure their guests are going to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Just like his old school DJ heroes, that is what Mike is best at: developing great atmosphere no matter who is in his audience. Mike knows how to mix, meld, and manipulate and maintain no matter what music he is spinning, all while working in requests from the people he is playing for. This showman has the entire package to make your night exactly what you want it to be.

Our man Mike has been a great addition to Buckeye Entertainment and he has become a customer favorite. Boisterous and gregarious, Mike loves working with new people and helping make their wedding party dreams into a reality. In the world outside of music and weddings, he has a lovely wife, 2 dogs who are nearly as large as he is, and a degree in psychology from The Ohio State University. In his free time you can often catch him hitting the links or picking up an x-box controller.


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