“I get to help the Brides and Grooms throw the party that THEY want, and make it fun for everyone.”


How did Mike start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

Mike’s start with the company came as a case of knowing the right people in the right place at the right time.  He and his wife had recently moved to Columbus from that state up north and, while she had a job in the city, he was getting extra familiar with having nothing to do all day.  It just so happens that his brother is a rather popular officiant in town, who we love working with, and one day he says to Mike “You still into DJing at home?  I happen to know some of the best in the business if you want to make it a full time thing, seeing how you’re, you know, jobless and all.”  Well, he took him up on that intro, we happened to be looking for a new DJ and Mike was a great fit!  Bam!  Gainful employment!


Nepotism, huh?  What makes this guy so interesting?

Mike actually grew up in Columbus before betraying his Ohio roots to live in a place both cold and lifeless, he even graduated from OSU with a degree in Psychology.  What a jerk.  At least he had a good reason.  Turns out medical marijuana is legal up in Michigan (ok, they got ONE thing right) and it makes for a pretty interesting career.  Buuuut the wife wanted to be back home closer to family so they came back to civilization.  Mike’s been a drummer in a few local bands and has played around with DJing in his free time before making it his for-money gig.  Now that it’s not longer a hobby, he’s got more time for the other two things he enjoys: golf and gaming.


Well, that’s a roller-coaster.  What about weddings?

“Weddings are such a large and impact day in someones life, it’s very rewarding to play a vital role in the execution of the event.  They have a tendency to fly by with so many things going on so it’s the little moments throughout the night, like the formal dances, when you see everything start to sink in that always bring me joy.  And an occasional tear to the eye.”


Favorite music?

“Though I like a bit of everything, I spend most of my time with Electronic, Jam and Funk. Bring on the Bass!”


Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

“Buckeye Entertainment is like its own little family.  It’s a group of great people who know how to have fun and when it’s time to get down to business to execute a spectacular wedding.  Plus I get to throw fun parties for people; it is my job to create a good time and I love that.”


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