Bright Lights

All the Bells and Whistles


They’re lights!  That go up!  Wow!  They work great as an accent, they work great as a wash, they work great if you want everyone in the room to be hot pink.  It all depends on how many you want to use.  All of our lights are standalone, battery-powered, LED fixtures.  The wall you want to light doesn’t have power?  Cool.  We didn’t need it anyway.  Want red during dinner but blue during dance time?  Great.  They’ve got remotes, too, so it’s a button push away.  The basic lights are 4 diode LEDs (red, green, blue, amber) and we’ve been using them for years.  They do a great job for most situations, but there are a few colors they can’t quite do.  Obviously black.  Don’t ask for black.  $795 gets you as many as you need to make the room look amazing.

Your Name in Lights

It doesn’t really have to be a monogram.  We don’t have a twelve foot can light that gets so hot you could heat your house with it.  We run a high end projector that can map the image onto basically anything without skewing it all out of proportion.  One, it keeps an ugly fixture out of the middle of your well decorated room and, two, it means you shine it on weird shaped stuff like cakes, not just floors or walls.  This baby can be yours for $199.

Movie Time

Not the crappy library TV on a cart that your 4th grade teacher wheeled out every time she came to class hungover.  Two 55″ flat-screens on 8ft sections of shiny, shiny truss.  That’s those metal bars that hold up concert lights.  You know, just Google it.  We’re both on the internet here.   Anyway, put whatever you want on them!  Some people just like their monogram, some people like to use them for a slideshow.  It’s up to you!  As long as you can plug a VGA or HDMI cable into it, you can play it.  They come as a set for $429.

Pipe and Drape

Ok, these aren’t really lights.  But they look cool anyway!  You could probably put lights on them if you wanted.  Need a special backdrop behind you at the altar?  Class up your head table?  Hide the ugly mechanical room door that’s ruining your otherwise perfect venue?  Put some curtains on a stick, bam!  Ten times better.  The big hits are black, white and silver, but there are other colors out there.  Comes in 10ft sections that can be up to 12ft high at $125 per section.

I-Hate-the-Sun Drape

Keep the room as dark as your soul!  Blot out the windows to get rid of gross daylight.  It’s always night in here.  These ones only come in black, but you could put the regular kind in front if you wanted.  We won’t stop you.  They’re a bit taller, too.  10ft by 14ft max per section for $150 each.


Each one is a bit different and when they’re booked, they’re booked!  Let us know what you’re interested and we’ll let you know how many we have!  Generally, they book six months to a year in advance for Saturday weddings, so chop chop!

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