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A view into the Buckeye Entertainment officeIt sure would be great to meet with you to talk about your special day!  We’ve got a real office with real office things just like a real business, even better, it’s centrally located inside 270 over in Upper Arlington.  We are kinda by appointment only, though.  We’re DJs.  Clearly the 9-5 thing wasn’t a good fit.  But, generally, we can meet you as early or as late as you’d need, usually Monday through Thursday.  Just please not, like, gross early…  Each of us has a slightly different schedule, so once we’ve confirmed an available date and DJ, we’ll work with you to find a time that is best for both everyone.

Because of our extremely busy schedule, email is the fastest way to reach us at or through the information request form below. If you really want, give us a call at our office! 614-707-7671. We're there by appointment only though, so no promises if someone is going to pick up.

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Remember, if you try us on a weekend (Friday through Sunday), please wait until Monday for a reply - we're busy making sure our clients' weddings go perfectly!