Big Sound

When you just need more cowbell

Our standard sound setup is more than enough to fill every venue we’ve been to in town and, believe us, we’ve been to pretty much all of them.  Sometimes, though, you just need that shake-the-chandeliers, knock-paintings-off-the-wall, shatter-all-the-glassware feel.  Some people can’t feel alive unless the bass gives them heart palpitations!  That’s cool by us!  We’ve got the big sound you need to get your kicks!

Gimme the Wub-Wub-Wub

Get some extra oomph out of that bass drop, bounce the ’64 Impala without hydraulics!  For $149 per sub, we’ll bring out the big guns.  The feel-it-in-your-bones guns.  One 18″ sub is enough to mess up the decorations; two will get some car alarms going. At three you’ll probably want to see your dentist since they’ll pop your fillings out.

These Go to 11

Remember that time you got hit by a truck on the first guitar stroke?  Yeah, we don’t either.  That stuff knocked us out, too.  Luckily, this time we’ll be on the back side of the speakers so the tunes will keep rolling.  Two double stack 15’s (that’s four of our 15″ regular speakers stacked on top of each other) and two 18″ subwoofers.  $449.  Don’t invite Grandma to this one.

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