Q: Why am I finding such a wide range of prices from DJ companies in Columbus?

A: No two DJ services are the same. Some will charge you for set-up and tear down, some for mileage, or, our favorite, for only 4 hours knowing full well that most receptions in Columbus are 5. You’ll be forced to pay them for extra time and they know it. We think that’s just shady and we’re not going to do it. We have a pretty simple three-tiered pricing structure based on date popularity. Non-Saturdays November-March are $995. Saturdays in November-March and non-Saturdays April-October are $1195 and Saturdays in peak season (April-October) are $1395. The only two “catches” are if you use us for more than 5 hours or if we need to move our equipment (i.e. ceremony is outside and reception is inside). The charge for each is $195 (if you know you’re going to need both there’s a discounted combo rate of $345). That’s 5 hours of actual music being played, by the way, NOT five hours of set up and tear down with a smidge of music in the middle. We’re not going to charge you for us to do our job so we can do our job. That’s stupid.

There is entirely too much price gouging in the wedding industry. We strive to keep our prices affordable for everyone because we all deserve a little fun, not just the guy who can blow a hundred grand every weekend.

Q: Can we select the music that will be played?

A: Absolutely! We welcome your choices and will be happy to play what you want. There are usually a variety of ages to please and we have music for everybody. With the largest music selection in Ohio –over 400,000 songs!– it’s rare that we get stumped. If your weird cousin comes up and asks for their favorite Nickleback song, though, they don’t have to know that. Guess that track got “misplaced.” Many clients will choose some of their favorites and leave room for guest requests. If you’re not sure about the music, you can also just leave it up to us! We’ll play to the crowd and get people having a good time. Still curious about songs?  Check out our Music page!

To make it even easier, our online planner has categories for you, from this would be neat in dinner to definitely do-not-play.  Check it out at buckeyeentertainmentplanning.comusername test123 password test123!

Q: Will the DJ make announcements or act as emcee for the evening?

A: Of course we’ll make any necessary announcements and keep your guests informed throughout the event, but only at your request. We’ve all been at that wedding where the DJ wouldn’t shut up–the last thing you want on YOUR big day.  Our mantra is that it’s not the Buckeye Entertainment show, it’s your wedding.  Clearly we’ll need to make some announcements throughout the evening (like introductions, first dances, the like) but we avoid the “hype man” mentality as well as the cheesy 80’s DJ voice.  Ultimately, we’ll be flexible to your needs throughout the event.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

A: These real slick pair of faux wood computer speaks and a karaoke machine mic. The best. For real, though, we bring two 15″ EV speakers and two EV wireless mics.  High quality, American made stuff, this is the gear the rock stars roll with. Music is stored on a 3 terabyte external hard drive and controlled by VirtualDJ, pro grade mixing software, via laptop. We use a mix of dance lighting –all LED, by the way, not any of that outdated halogen bulb crap– but strive to be as clean as possible with our setup.  Again, we feel the day is about you. Eyes should be focused on all the decorations you spent hours making, not on our showy setup.

Q: What will the DJ wear?

A: That depends on the DJ, to be honest.  We don’t really share clothes with each other. A two or three piece suit is standard, though. Except Dana. She likes dresses. We suppose there’s an old sequin vest lying around to throw on over that powder blue tux….

Q: What kind of payment do you accept and do you need a deposit?

A: Yes and yes. There is a $250 retainer due on signing the contract for DJ service and, as far as legal tender goes, we’ll take just about anything. Most people find a card easiest, but we can do checks and cash, too.  If you had a really nice goat, we might consider that.

Q: What is Buckeye Entertainment’s cancellation policy?

A: The lawyer says “all moneis paid are norefundable.  If the Purchaser cancels the engagement within 90 days of the Event Date, Buckeye Entertainment will issue a credit for the amount paid to date.” Why he has to talk like that, we have no idea.

Q: Will you meet with us before the event?

A: We should hope so! Great parties don’t happen by accident, we’ll meet with you as many times as you require for no additional charge. Your DJ should help coordinate, organize and plan your party’s itinerary so everything goes not only smoothly, but people actually enjoy being there! For weddings, we generally like to meet with you two times.  Once for the initial consultation and again two-three weeks before the wedding to get all the details straight.

Q: Are you going to play songs like the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance, and Electric Slide?

A: Not unless you ask us to. And you have to REALLY ask us to.  Nobody wants that. You don’t want that. We strive to be as cheese-free as possible and just about everyone we’ve met appreciates that.  Sorry, Uncle Bob.  It’s not 1982 anymore and your hair’s not coming back. With a library of over 400,000 songs from 1930 to today, we encourage you to be a part of the song selection process. We have the top charts on our online planner to help get you going, you can can say screw it and just leave it up to the pros, or you can ignore us and pick the stuff you know you and your friends will dance to. Either way, songs like the Macarena will only be played if you want us to. Like, really, really want us to… Check our our Music page for more info!

Q: Do you have a “Do Not Play” list?

A: Big yes. It’s your night, if there are songs (or artists or genres of music) that you don’t want played, we’re not going to play it. Remember Nickelback Cousin?  He can sit at the bar waiting for his bro jam to come on all night. It’s not going to bother us and we’re certainly not going to let it bother you. Really, why haven’t you gone to the Music page yet?

Q: What areas do you serve?

A: The easiest way to would be to say the 614 area code. We’ll make exceptions for certain venues outside the 614, but we like to stay within 30ish minutes of our office in Upper Arlington.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Sure are! Never hire a wedding vendor, especially a DJ, that doesn’t have insurance.  We’re covered by a $1,000,000 liability policy and will gladly show it to you or your venue if you want.

Q: What happens if a DJ can’t make an event?  What is your backup policy?

A: Well, we’ll be down a DJ at that point cuz if they’re not dead already, oh, they’re gonna be. While we can have 9 active DJs out at a time, we also have a couple backups brewing in the clone vat out back. Generally one or both of them are already helping one of us so if something were to happen we would not leave you without a DJ. Also, the owner Byron “retired” a few years ago after doing nearly 1,000 weddings. He now also is on standby to help out with emergencies as well. The same concept is applied for equipment.  We keep backup essentials (hard drives, mics, batteries) with us at all times while the big stuff (laptops, speakers, clone slugs) are at the office. In fact we take backups so seriously that most of us are licensed officiants, so you’re going to get married that day, whether you like it or not. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, we’re here to make sure it’s executed perfectly!

Because of our extremely busy schedule, email is the fastest way to reach us at hello@buckeyeentertainment.com or through the information request form below. If you really want, give us a call at our office! 614-707-7671. We're there by appointment only though, so no promises if someone is going to pick up.

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