Best part of a photo booth?  Pics of questionable behavior you can hold over your friends for years!

We have two types of booths, a social booth and the O.G. traditional booth.

Before we talk booths, let’s talk about guestbooks and props

The social booth offers digital props but you can still use traditional props if you’d like.

If you’d like to create a guestbook/scrap book for your event the photo booth is the perfect way to do that!  Our booth prints two identical strips, so one can be placed in the book for your guests to sign and the other for the guests to keep.  Other people in the strip want copies as well?  No problem.  We hit a button and it reprints two more copies of the strip!

We don’t, however, offer scrap books for you.  We’d rather you go to a store and find a book you actually like than charge you an inflated price for a book you’ll probably hate.  Props?  We don’t offer props either, and here’s why. Props are different.  By the end of the night, props are gross.  Props are covered in spilled tequila, props have made the trip the bathroom and back with Drunky McGee probably twenty times, props have had all their feathers torn out by a five year old.  At the end of the night, props would like to go where all good props should at this part of their life: the garbage.  You really don’t want us re-using these things night after night.  So, if you’d like props, awesome!  We’ll manage them, we’ll encourage the guests to use them.  Take 20 bucks, go to the dollar store or Party City or somewhere and find some stuff that you like that can go to prop heaven when it’s all over.  Win-win for everybody! (We’ve had this on the website forever, but post-Covid it makes even more sense.)

The OG Traditional Booth

Just like it sounds, this is what people think of when you say “photo booth.” It’s enclosed, you sit on a stool, you act a fool, it takes pictures and then prints them. Simple! Because it’s an old school style booth (and who are we kidding, we remember when these were the hot new things in the wedding industy around 2010 and now we’re calling it “old school”–makes us feel old!). Anyway, there’s no online element to it like there is with the social booth. That’s part of the charm. And because it’s enclosed with a curtain you can’t fit as many people in it as you could an open-air social booth, but that’s also part of the charm. Worst case you can easily push it the curtain to the side a bit if you’ve got fifteen ageing frat bros that want a pic. We’re telling you though, people get a lot more crazy in the booth if they think no one can see them. 

And here’s the kicker. After the wedding when the booth gets back to the office we’ll transfer the photos to you via Google drive and you can now use those photos as blackmail for years to come. 🙂

The Deets:

Our traditional photo booth includes 5 hours of all-inclusive service!  Man, that sounds schmoozey.  What that means is we’ll have an attendant there to run the thing, not your DJ trying to manage the booth and your wedding, print off as many strips as your guests want and let you guys pick a customizable style for the strip.  Different colors, number of pictures, put your name on it, the possibilities are endless!  Yeah, that’s straight up schmooze.  Who writes this crap…

If you’d like to check out the gazillion strip styles we have click here

Let’s be honest: wires are gross.  No matter how hard you try, if you have more than one, they’re going to look like a mess.  Not going to fight that battle, just going to stuff it somewhere it won’t matter.  The booth we bring is one complete unit so you don’t have to look at that business, including the super-fast, way-heavier-than-it-should-be dye sublimation printer.  Speaking of, heavy as it is, it’ll spit out strips in less than 7 seconds.  Actual photo quality ones.  Like, real photos.  The ones that you took to a store to get printed.  None of this “I frame pictures of my grandson I had him print out on my ink-jet for me” nonsense.


Just like our DJ services, we want to offer a quality product at a great price with no hidden fees.  Our booth is $895 for 5 hours, all-inclusive–an attendant, unlimited pics and no charge for customization. Boom. That’s it.

When the event is over like we mentioned we can send you a link to a Google Drive folder with all images taken, in both strip format AND the individual pictures!  So if you happen to get a great picture of grandma & grandpa you can have that individual picture printed–and YOU own the rights to the pictures!


We hired the DJ service and Photobooth from buckeye entertainment for our recent wedding. Mike was our DJ and he was amazing to work with from the first meeting all the way to the last song. The online platform and planning tool was so helpful from the beginning, and we were able to complete it at our own pace. Throughout the process, Buckeye Entertainment stays in contact to make sure there are no miscommunications throughout the process. The sound quality was amazing, and Mike also work as an MC, making sure that the entire ceremony ran smoothly. Mike was able to keep the energy high throughout the night, keeping everyone on the dance floor. He was also able to loop the processional song in real time, in order to give us our perfect entrance to the second. Also, our guests LOVED the photobooth, and there was a line all night. We were able to customize the pictures in advance, and each guest was not only able to add their phone numbers for digital copies, but they were able to keep the physical print-outs as souvenirs. We highly recommend Buckeye Entertainment and Mike for your wedding.

Bethany M

Wedding at Oak Grove at Jorgensen Farms

The Social Booth

By far our most popular booth. Everyone knows what a traditional booth is like, but if you’re not familiar with what a social booth is you can watch the video or you can just read on: It’s a “photo booth” but so much more. It can do standard photos, GIFs (a few photos looped), boomerang GIFs (a bunch burst shots looped), virtual props on screen, animations over the pictures, the list goes on and on! The guests choose what kind of “experience” they would like when they approach the booth via the touch screen. Then the photos or GIFs can immediately be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on your phone via SMS, email, etc! In addition, you get a customized website where you (and others that you choose) can see the photos uploaded in real time at the wedding! Additionally, you can pick your layout and design here: which is something we just created and we think is pretty baller.

One thing to note is that the social booth doesn’t come with a backdrop because many venues (like Vue and Retreat21) have a cool wall or feature that we can shoot towards, or if you want, you can provide your own. If you choose that route, you are responsible for setting up and tearing down the backdrop. That way if it happens to fall on Aunt Betty during a photo session it’s your fault she’s in the hospital, not ours.

The Deets:

Pretty simple, really. It’ll arrive with the DJ and be set up the duration of the event. There are two options though when it comes to printing: unlike the traditional booth you can opt-out of printing and go all digitial which leads to pricing.


With Printing: $795

Without Printing: $645

We only have two of each type of booths and we do 10 weddings every Saturday so they book fast. Contact us if you’re interested!

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