We are so happy we chose Buckeye Entertainment for our wedding DJ. Tia was absolutely fantastic. She was thorough, walked me through everything, and had a great personality. At our wedding, we never once had to even think about audio or music. It was just taken care of. We were told by the wedding venue coordinator that we had the A-team of vendors, and Tia definitely played a part of that. When you choose Buckeye Entertainment, you can rest assured you’re getting a really outstanding DJ experience.

Stephanie H

Wedding at Vue Columbus

Gene Hasegawa

Who is Tia, though?

“I grew up in Brooklyn NY where hip hop and R&B was true culture. I stomped on the same streets as Jay-Z Notorious BIG and grew up in the same Projects with the rapper Dana Dane. I met Byron (the owner of Buckeye Entertainment) years ago while working for Dock580 (now N. 4th Corridor).”

Neat!  How does she feel about weddings?

I always loved music. My father sang Do-wop with his friends around the neighborhood. I didn‘t actually think I want to be a DJ until I met Byron and he gave me a shot as well as formal wedding etiquette and training. Cause let‘s face it...weddings are far from neighborhood block parties!”

Favorite music?

I love ALL music. There is a song in every genre that speaks to me in some shape form or fashion.

What‘s you‘re favorite part about a wedding?

 “I love LOVE. Weddings simply seal the love deal. But the best part of the wedding is the cake! No seriously, the best part of a wedding is that magical first dance.”

Why is Buckeye Entertainment different?

“We care. There is a lot of behind the scene stuff that people never even realize a DJ is responsible for. Buckeye Entertainment goes that extra mile to coordinate with venues, event coordinators other vendors to ensure everything moves smoothly.”

Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

“We are a family and Buckeye Entertainment is a word of mouth company that has outlasted a lot of pop up event groups. It‘s humbling to work for a company that cares about their staff and clients and has been around for so long.


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