Officiants with Buckeye Entertainment

DJs, photographers, wedding planners, why not officiants?  The majority of our staff have been licensed officiants for years, all that “have back-ups of everything” thing we do, but some of them really took to it!  So if you’re looking for someone to lead the ceremony on your special day, we’ve got you covered!

When it comes to weddings, we’ve seen just about everything and, when you’ve heard the same old script a million times, you pick up on moments that are truly special.  The words that make you tear up, the speeches that come from the heart, the bits that are just you; we look for what resonates with couples and work that into our ceremonies to best bring out  what the two of you feel for each other.

Of course, the whole thing is open for you to change as well.  Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding and we want to make sure it’s meaningful to you.  If there’s a part you don’t like, we can take it out!  If there’s something special you want us to say, we’ll add it in!  We’ll work with you to make sure the words are just right.

The Stand Alone Officiant $300

If you’re just looking for an officiant, this is the way to go!  Cathy, our full time officiant, will be there for the rehearsal, the day of to get everyone participating in the ceremony ready to walk down the aisle and, of course, preside over the ceremony!  She will also work with you ahead of time to make sure the words are what you want.  We have several ceremony styles to choose from and each one can be tailored to you as a couple.

With Your DJ $250

While most of us are licenced officiants just in case something happens, several of our DJs are happy to be more than just the backup plan!  If you’ve booked Stephen, Gene or Vik, they can be your officiant as well as your DJ.  Unfortunately, because they’re DJs as well, they wouldn’t be able to attend your rehearsal since they will most likely be at another wedding!  Just like Cathy, your DJ will work with you at before the wedding to make sure your ceremony is just right.

Because of our extremely busy schedule, email is the fastest way to reach us at or through the information request form below. If you really want, give us a call at our office! 614-707-7671. We’re there by appointment only though, so no promises if someone is going to pick up.

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