What would a DJ company be without music!  Really…really boring.  Figured that was kinda obvious.

But we’re not boring!  We have music!  Over 50,000 albums worth!  That’s well over a half million songs.  If you really want us to, we could play the whole thing back to back, but you better not be doing anything for the next three or four years.

Some guys out there post their entire collection online for you to look through.  That’s pretty cool, we’d love to do that.  Every time we’ve tried, though, it’s crashed the website.  We’re cool, but we’re not Amazon data center cool.  But trust us when we say we have pretty much whatever you can think of–if we don’t, you win; we’ll go buy it.  Don’t get that much stuff by being stingy anyway.

What about that new stuff?  JT just dropped a hot jam and my wedding’s on Saturday!  We gotcha.  We belong to the same release service as iHeartRadio so as soon as something hits the air, we’ve got it.

Song Suggestions

Song SuggestionsNever thought about a cake cutting song before?  Don’t know what you want to close the night out with? Really into 80’s music and want to bust out the side ponytail and ripped sweatshirt all night?  Ok, sure, why not!  When you book with us you get access to our planning site.  The planner is loaded with song suggestions for every event you can think of and we keep it up to date with the current top 50 picks for each ones.  Preview them, check ’em out on Amazon, on iTunes, even check out the lyrics!  If you click “Top Hits” it’ll break it down into top wedding songs by decades.  Want to try it out?  Go to our planning website ( and use test123 for the username and password.  Feel free to play around!

Guest Requests

Requests are great!  It gives us a feel for what people are wanting to hear and it helps us shape the party to what people are going to dance to.   But ultimately, it’s your party, not Drunky McGee’s.  No, I don’t care that you’re insisting you’re the bride’s best friend, lady who isn’t even a bridesmaid.  I’m not playing the song she specifically asked me not to play.  Stop getting appletini on everything.  Of course we’re going to use our discretion.  We might not tell Stumbles their song’s not getting played, but it’s not getting played.

We’ve upped the request game recently, if you want to let all hell break loose before the big day.  Added to the planner is a feature that lets you give guests a chance to request songs well before the actual event!  Ok, ok, we see how that could blow up.  Well, it’s a link you can copy/paste wherever you want.  Give it everybody, give it to the wedding party, give it to just the people you trust  AND you’ll be able to see everything they pick out, plus who picked it out.  Double and, it limits the number of requests each person can have so your weird cousin doesn’t fill the whole list with Swedish metal.  Plus, you can veto it all if you want.  Sorry Kevin, the dark lord will have to rise again another night.

How much of the music can we pick?

Song Request ScreenshotThe short answer is all of it, if you’d really like.  Don’t.  That’s a terrible idea.  But you can.  The long answer is this: most weddings have a wide range of guests and, in order to engage everyone, we do our best to a wide range of genres; without being cheesy, without resorting to the Chicken Dance or the Macarena. Ultimately, it’s YOUR wedding.  If you want Flogging Molly and The Misfits all night, you can do that.  But we warned you.  Remember that music that you and your fiancé like may not be what your guests will like.  It may not even be what you two are into on that particular day.  A good party is about getting people out on the dance floor and the best way to do that is to read that specific crowd on that specific night.  That’s where we come in.  Hey, maybe the punk will knock it out of the park.  If we know that’s what you’re into, we’ll steer the music in that direction.  But if nobody’s dancing to it, we’ll change course to get people out on the floor.  On the flip side, if you don’t want to think about picking any songs other than your first dance, or are worried about picking songs that people will like, that’s fine. We do this every weekend,

All of the requests in the planner can be broken into categories: Must Plays, Dinner music, Cocktail hour stuff, the like.  Hey!  Some of these are capped!  Only 20 songs in the Dinner mix?  What gives?  Well, 20 songs is around 2 1/2 hours of music.  Nobody needs to pick out 5 hours worth of stuff for something that’s going to take an hour.  Ok, sure, that makes sense.  What about the Must Plays?  Why can I only have 20 of those?  Well, that goes back to what we were saying before.  If want to have the ultimate control over your event, sure, pick all 20–that will pretty much be all of your dance music for the night, but sure.  If nobody dances, though, that’s on you.  We recommend picking 5-10 absolute must-play songs, then putting the rest in the “Play If Possible” category (totally not capped).  That gives us the chance to read your crowd and, you know, do what you’re paying us to do.  Throw a party.  We’ll pull from your play if possible list so it’ll be music you want to hear, but, if nobody is dancing to Merle Haggard’s Greatest Hits album, it gives us the flexibility to mix out of it.


And We Have The Clean Version!

Nine times out of ten, people want to get a little down and dirty, but they generally don’t want all that comes with that in front of their family.  That’s cool, we get it.  We stick to the clean, radio edits of everything unless you tell us not to.  Remember that iHeartRadio release service?  It’s all the same stuff that you’d hear on air.  Now, we’ve got the uncut stuff, too.  BUT.  You two are the only ones who get to make that switch.  No need to worry about your fiancé’s drunk brother wanting to hear his college bro jam.  We can play it, but it’ll have all the cursing snipped out.

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