Meet Andrew Wade

Wade and the entire Buckeye Entertainment team were everything we could have asked for in a DJ and more! Planning was a BREEZE- they have this down to a science at Buckeye Entertainment, which leaves you with less to worry about for the big day! Initially, when trying to pick music for the evening, we hadn’t realized how important it is to have a staff member at the wedding to keep the night flowing- Wade conducted this with professionalism and ease. His style complimented the entire party, while not taking focus away from us as the bride and groom! He kept us on a great schedule for the evening and dealt with family members/guest requests while honoring our vision for the night above all else! We had so many guests ask about our playlist for the evening- he intertwined our requested songs to make the party personal and individualized for us, while using songs and the right order to keep everyone on the dance floor all night! You will never regret choosing Buckeye Entertainment for your wedding- and hope you get Wade too 🙂

Clair G

Wedding at N. 4th Corridor

How did Wade start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

Byron met Wade at a wedding, of all places!  Wade’s friends were getting married, and he was playing the guitar and singing for ceremony.  Byron was DJing the wedding and running sound for the ceremony, so before the guests got there they started talking about mutual bald heads and a love of music.  Byron offered to let Wade tag along to a gig to help out, but little did he know that Wade would pester him so much about being a DJ of his own that Byron would start training him as the first of all our guys!  Wade likes to brag that without him, Byron would still be running solo to this day.  He’s probably only half wrong.

How crazy!  Who is this Wade guy?

Wade was born and raised in Grove City Ohio.  With a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics and a Masters of Education from THE Ohio State University, he taught high school math for almost 5 years and now is an academic adviser for OSU’s College of Engineering.  He has a love of music with an impeccable knack for remembering song lyrics and he does a pretty spot on Ja Rule.  A multi-instrumentalist, Wade is a jack of all trades when it comes to music and can play the guitar, bass, piano, and drums.  He’s been at it since elementary school.

Well, what about weddings?

“At Buckeye Entertainment we aren’t interested in making any wedding the ‘BE show.’  Weddings are about the couple getting married.  I’m sure other DJs claim they believe this too but not many have the track record and reviews to back it up.  Overall, my favorite thing, though, is the couples I get to work with.  I live for the moments at weddings that I can make things easier for the couple so that they can enjoy the night even more.”


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