Photo Booth

One of our most popular services, our photo booth is sure to be the hit of your party!


Our photo booth includes 5 hours of all-inclusive service.  That means we will have an attendant on site to manage the booth and make sure the event goes smoothly.  We offer unlimited pictures, so your guests can go back again and again!  We offer the ability to customize your strips any way you’d like, with your name and wedding date, ability to add monograms, to strips in your wedding colors! The possibilities are endless!


Buckeye Entertainment’s booths are one complete unit with every component enclosed inside the booth, including the super-fast dye-sublimation printer.  Your strips print out in less than 7 seconds! And, our booths utilize a curtain in a traditional “booth” fashion.  That doesn’t mean they’re small–we can easily get a dozen people in a picture! We feel that people are more likely to “let loose” and take better pictures once the curtain closes and people aren’t watching.  We’ve done both “open air” style and enclosed, and the enclosed booths seem to always produce better pictures!


Another advantage to bundling our booth with DJ services is that in addition to saving you money, it will save you time.  That’s one less vendor that you have to meet with, and one less thing to stress about.  We’ve done hundreds and hundreds of photo booth rentals, and our process is extremely streamlined to give you and your guests the best experience possible.


Check out our Facebook page for picture examples.  Click on “photos” and then “photo booth options” to see a sample of what we can do with our booth!




Buckeye Entertainment Photo Booth Strip SampleJust like our DJ services, we believe in offering a quality product at a great price with no hidden fees.  Our booth is $599 for 5 hours all-inclusive if you use us for DJ services as well.  And it’s only $699 standalone for 5 hours.  We also offer a “idle hour” for $30 if you would like to shut the booth down (say for dinner) and extend the booth to 6 hours.  Everything else is included–an attendant, unlimited pics and no charge for customization.


When the event is over we can send you a link to a Google Drive folder with all images taken, in both strip format AND the individual pictures!  So if you happen to get a great picture of grandma & grandpa you can have that individual picture printed–and YOU own the rights to the pictures!


Guestbooks and Props


If you’d like to create a guestbook/scrap book for your event the photo booth is the perfect way to do that!  Our booth prints two identical strips, so one can be placed in the book for your guests to sign and the other for the guests to keep.  Other people in the strip want copies as well?  No problem.  We hit a button and it reprints two more copies of the strip!


We don’t, however, offer scrap books for you.  We’d rather you go to a store and purchase a book you are happy with than charge you an inflated price for a book you don’t like. The same is applied to props–no one wants to use props that have been used over and over again by hundreds of people.  So if you’d like props at your event we encourage you to visit a store like Party City and buy a bunch of inexpensive, disposable props for your event.




We only have two booths, and when they’re booked they’re booked!  They generally book six months to a year in advance for Saturday weddings, so contact us today!