DIY Ceremony Sound

Are your ceremony and reception in two different places?  No big deal!

While we are more than happy to provide sound for your ceremony, we typically don’t travel between two separate locations for a ceremony and reception.  We’ve found that the logistics behind it end up being more expensive than we (and our clients) like and it can be difficult to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.  But if that describes you’re wedding day, fear not!  We can still help!  We are more than happy to rent out the equipment you’ll need to have professional quality sound at your ceremony.

The Full Set

A 15″ speaker and wireless mic unit with 1 handheld and 1 lapel mic for just $299.99 if we’re your DJ!  This is the same stuff we use when we’re personally running a ceremony, not some knock off junk.  The power and audio cords are of course included so you can plug in your laptop or phone with the music you want.  We’ll even drop it off and pick it up from your ceremony location!

Just the Speaks

Sometime you don’t need mics and that’s okay!  Is your officiant extra loud?  Don’t have anybody else doing readings?  Maybe your ceremony is more intimate and everyone can hear just fine!  But, you still want some music playing while the guests arrive and you definitely want something special playing when you walk down the aisle.  Just get the speaker! A single 15″ speaker and the cables to hook it up is only $149.99 if we’re your DJ! We’ll still do drop off and pick up, too!

Because of our extremely busy schedule, email is the fastest way to reach us at or through the information request form below. If you really want, give us a call at our office! 614-707-7671. We're there by appointment only though, so no promises if someone is going to pick up.

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