Meet Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker

“I first discovered photography in my teens while taking a pinhole camera class. Ever since then, I have found photography as an outlet when I could not verbalize the beauty of the world.”


How did Stephanie start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

It just so happened that she and Josiah had worked together before as school photographers and Josiah asked her to second shoot on a wedding.  Surprise surprise, she decided that shooting weddings was way more fun than herding elementary school kids for group pictures!  Stephanie came back as a second shooter for about a year before making the transition to part of our full time staff.  Fun fact, Stephanie is actually one of our former brides!

Who is this Stephanie lady?

 Originally from La Serena, Chile, Stephanie has a  BFA in Photography from the Art Institute of Chicago and a Masters in “Photographic Preservation & Collections Management.” (A mouthful, she knows. She generally just tells people she did museum studies in photography.)  Her astrophysicist dad who builds custom telescopes (holy crap!) helped her explore photography when she was younger, as a way to better express herself.  Stephanie is actually legally deaf, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing much of anything.  Though she doesn’t know ASL, she can read lips incredibly well and now has cool robot parts in her head called cochlear implants that help her hear.  She loves everything about photography as well as craft beer and Corgis.  Definitely Corgis.

Well, now that I feel thoroughly less cool, how does she feel about weddings?

 “A lot of planning goes into weddings, the day goes by so quickly, and
there’s so much going on.  It’s always wonderful to have permanent, visual
memories to look back to.  I especially love that special moment together when a couple has a first look.”

Favorite type of photography?

“I love portraits, especially using available & natural lighting. Being
hard of hearing requires me look at people’s faces, which has probably helped
me know how to look and frame a person.”

Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

 “It’s a great team of people who wants to constantly grow and learn, and I
feel all of us are bunch of really unique personalities that are fun to be around.”


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