“I chose BE for my own wedding and I tell our clients they should hire us, all for the same reason: we play music tailored to the couple and their guests. We don’t come up with set lists ahead of time, we have the knowledge to get people on the floor all night.”


How did Ryan start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

They get us once and have to come back!  Ryan’s another one of our past clients who ended up working for us since he had such a great time.  His wife (Stephanie Parker, one of our photographers) told him we were looking, but he’d never really considered himself a “DJ” per se.  The rest of the description he thought fit him well so he came into the office to chat.  Turns out we like people who don’t really consider themselves a DJ since there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes than music.  And he was right, he fit exactly what we were looking for.  A person who can listen to a bride and groom, work with them and their other vendors to make their dream day a reality, with a interest in music to top it off.


Ok, cool.  But who is this guy?

Attending OSU for a Bachelors in History and English, Ryan found he needed something to pay the bills and ended up in IT.  While his day job is problem solving for the OSU Libraries, he never gave up on his more liberal arts leaning and still pursues courses at OSU in Creative Writing.  Music had been a big part of his life and his relationship with Stephanie.  Their first date was a concert, the honeymoon took them to a festival in Europe!  The two of them love travelling, especially camping with their dog, though they can be a bit snobby when it comes to beer.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  You can usually find Ryan at a local brewery testing the latest drafts for “quality assurance.”  Plus, he’s got great taste in DJs.  (Us, duh.)


That’s great!  How does he feel about weddings?

“The best man/maid of honor speeches, for sure. Every wedding is different and no part of it is more honest, unique, and insightful than the speeches that your best friend agonizes over making to your friends and family.  That, and no comedy walks a tighter line than your best friend or sibling trying to poke fun at you without making your spouse and family mad.”


Favorite music?

“My first love is heavy metal, since hearing Metallica’s Black Album in 8th grade.  Beyond that, I’m a huge fan of alt rock, industrial, punk, and classic rock, and I have a soft spot for 80’s pop.  I’m not ashamed to say that my radio is set to the Christmas station for all of December.”


Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

“In IT, my job is often to fix things that are broken.  When people contact me, they’re often already having a bad day.  Being a DJ is the complete opposite of that.  I show up to help throw a party for people having the best day of their lives and the loved ones that are there excited to celebrate with them.”


Want Ryan rocking at your wedding? Contact us today!

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