Meet Josh Cianca

How did Josh start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

Josh became friends with Byron over several years at the Buckeye Entertainment karaoke show and eventually started helping with equipment at weddings.  Business was booming and Byron needed to focus on growing the company so Josh took over the show, with fellow DJ Stephen, while continuing to learn more about the wedding industry.  After a year or so, he was doing his own weddings.  Josh now works for Buckeye Entertainment full time, managing the office during the week and as a DJ on the weekend.

Who is Josh?  And why the odd tie?

Because it’s classy!  A third generation Italian, Josh grew up in Ohio with a love of cooking and a strong appreciation for old world charm.  He graduated from the College of Wooster with a degree in Classical Studies with a focus in Archaeology, being more concerned about learning interesting things than finding practical employment with them.  He’s known around the office as “Fancy” Josh for his tendency to carry a pocket watch.

That’s pretty cool!  How does he feel about weddings?

“I love the opportunity to dress to the nines, especially when I’m not the only one dressed up!  A wedding is the most important day so far in two people’s lives, if I can make it even a little bit better than I’m happy to be there.  Hands down, my favorite part is that moment right after the last song, when the room just explodes for the bride and groom.  You get that awesome feeling that these people just had the time of their lives.  And you feel a bit like a rock star.  That’s pretty great too.”

Favorite music?

“I can enjoy just about anything, really.  But if I’m picking the tunes at home?  Either classical or metal.”

Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

“Learning new things is something I get really exited about and Buckeye Entertainment gives me the chance to learn a skill that few get to see up close and personal.  Besides, getting paid to make the best party a couple have been to?  How could you say no to that?”

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