Meet Cathy Tuthill

Cathy Tuthill

“Life is busy and the wedding industry, with all it’s must-do’s, can lead to a very overwhelmed couple.  I really enjoy assisting couples so they can relax and enjoy their big day.”


How did Cathy start working at Buckeye Entertainment?

Cathy was the in-house wedding coordinator at La Scala, a local, family owned Italian restaurant and banquet center, for years.  We’d worked with her on countless weddings and had always been impressed with how well her events ran.  Plus, she had eyes on both sides of the table, seeing how the couple envision their day beforehand but also knowing how each of the vendors involved need to work together to make everything come together.  So when we decided that wedding planning was something we wanted to offer, Cathy was the first person on our list to talk to!

Who is Cathy, though?

A Columbus girl born and raised, Cathy has seen the city grow up around her and been a part of development of it’s unique atmosphere.  She got to watch Josh Dun, of Twenty One Pilots, go from a teen waiting tables to a Grammy winner; she was actually his manager when he worked at La Scala!  If you ask her, her whole life has been a cool experience.  She enjoys the simple things, a good road trip that ends at a beach.

How cool!  How does she feel about weddings?

 “Weddings are such a joyful occasion and it’s very fulfilling to see the whole thing come together.  For a long time my favorite part was always when the newlyweds were introduced at the reception, but, after officiating ceremonies myself, it’s now the look on the groom’s face when he sees his bride start down the aisle.  It’s such a touching moment.”

Favorite part of the planning process?

 “Building out a relationship with the client, really getting to know them, and being able to take the stress off for them.  Though, the early stage research is a hobby of sorts for me so that’s pretty fun, too.”

Best part of working for Buckeye Entertainment?

 “Buckeye is unique in how many services they offer.  I’ve worked with many DJ companies over the years, but, honestly, can say no one is as professional as them.”

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