Uplighting can add a splash of color to any event and completely transform the atmosphere of your evening!  Looking to set the right mood for dinner?  Feature your head table by setting it in front of pillars of light, turn a section of your venue into an accent wall in your wedding colors or even just tie the room together by illuminating the corners.  Want to give your dance time that extra pop?  We can keep the lights off until it’s party time, then surround the dance floor in a glow of your favorite color!

Why Ours?

At just $25 per light this can be a great way to give your room that extra flair on any budget.  Our lights are four diode LEDs (red, green, blue and amber), which means they can make nearly any color you can think of!  On top of that, they are completely battery powered so they can be set up anywhere and no one has to worry about seeing extension cords everywhere or tripping over one that has come loose!  Many venues offer in house accent lighting, but they are often old halogen cans.  They have a much larger footprint so you’re often limited in where they can go as guests are more likely to knock them over if they’re not tucked away behind a table.  That becomes especially unpleasant because they get extremely hot!  Not to mention that they’re stuck being the same color all night!  Want our lights red during dinner, but blue when it’s time for dancing?  No problem!  With the hit of a button, they’ll switch over!


We have sixteen light fixtures, but when they’re booked they’re booked!  They generally book six months to a year in advance for Saturday weddings, so contact us today!